QuinceaƱera Dresses

9 QuinceaƱera Dresses


The ultimate symbol of the passage from childhood to womanhood. Quinceañera dresses from Princesa by Ariana Vara capture the essence of your evolving femininity through sweet pastel colors like blush pink, aqua blue and lilac purple and with intricate floral lace detailing in order to create a ball gown that’s worthy of such a momentous day in your life. Endowed with traditional beauty and an undeniable charm - browse quinceañera dresses from Princesa by Ariana Vara below:


Puffy quinceanera dress with beautiful golden lace


Dreamy quinceanera dress with spaghetti straps and beaded details


Wondrous quinceanera dress with cold shoulder and lace embroidery


Truly elegant quinceanera dress with puffy skirt and high neckline


Perfect quinceanera dress with tiered skirt and off the shoulder sleeves


Elegant quinceanera dress with off the shoulder bodice and ruffle details


Stylish quinceanera dress with off the shoulder bodice and lace details


Cute quinceanera dress with strapless beaded bodice


Bright quinceanera dress with high neck bodice and jewels
Quinceañera dresses from Princesa by Ariana Vara
It’s a 15th birthday mood! Quinceañera dresses from Princesa by Ariana Vara balance the traditional with modern trends in order to create quince looks that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re wanting to rock a bright purple or blue quinceañera dress with bold sequins or are wishing for a delicate pale pink or aqua blue style with girly lace detailing, our quinceañera dresses offer something for every unique birthday girl. This moment is yours - wear one of these quinceañera dresses from Princesa by Ariana Vara and celebrate your coming of age with 15-year-old-level confidence. 
What are the traditional colors for quinceañera dresses?
You can pretty much wear whatever color quinceañera dress you’d like, but there are a few shades that have remained traditional favorites throughout the years. For starters, pastel pink can always be found featured on quinceañera dresses. Delicate and incredibly charming, pastel pink is a traditional color for those looking to highlight their girly outlook on their 15th birthday. Another traditional color we see time and time again on quinceañera dresses is champagne. Off-white and regal, champagne quinceañera dresses radiate a princess vibe that’s both timeless and iconic. But really, if you’re looking to stick with tradition for your quinceañera dress, soft, pastel hues like the ones we mentioned above are your perfect fit as they embody an undeniable femininity. 
The importance of quinceañera dresses:
The list of reasons why quinceañera dresses matter could go on for ages, but we’ll summarize the main points to make it easier for you. Not only does the dramatic ball gown silhouette signify that the birthday girl is ready to begin her journey into womanhood, but it also reveals the beauty that comes from an age-old tradition. Featuring more mature attributes like delicate lace detailing, strapless sweetheart necklines and intricate beading, quinceañera dresses empower young girls to take on this momentous day with confidence and grace. To look like a princesa is to feel like a princesa - a gift on a young girl’s birthday that she’ll never forget. 
Honor tradition and celebrate your coming of age with confidence in one of these breathtaking quinceañera dresses from Princesa by Ariana Vara.