Ways to Make Your Princesa Feel Extra Special at Her Quinceañera

June 23, 2022

Planning your daughter’s quinceañera is no small feat. With so many moving parts needing to be handled, it can be easy to overlook a few of the logistics. We understand that the idea of missing something major can be incredibly stressful, but we’re here to let you in on a little secret: the most important factor in giving your daughter a flawless celebration is ensuring that she feels special the whole night through. Here are a few ways to make your princesa feel like a queen on the day of her quince:



A Day of Pampering



Every girl wants to look her best at her quinceañera. At Princesa by Ariana Vara, we know that the key to looking your best is feeling your best, so we can’t gush enough about how nice it will feel to your princesa to have a full day of pampering to prepare for her special day. Enjoy a spa day together and take her to get her nails, hair, and makeup done, and she’ll be left beaming!



A Handwritten Note 





On a day full of so much energy and celebration, it can be easy for your daughter to forget the significance of the occasion. Remind her of how meaningful her journey through childhood and entrance into adulthood is with a sentimental, handwritten note given to her on her special day. 



A Special Gift



Give your princesa a special gift that she can keep for the rest of her life as a reminder of her 15th birthday. This doesn’t need to be big or expensive; anything you decide on will forever serve as a token of this life-changing transition. 



A Surprise Element



Everyone loves a good surprise, and your princesa is no exception! There is no quite feeling like realizing that a loved one has put the thought, effort, and energy into planning something wonderful for you, and she is sure to express her gratitude for it afterwards. Consider preparing a special dance, song, speech, or even a limo ride, to surprise her with at her quinceañera.



The Perfect Dress



Of course, we can’t forget about the dress! One of the best ways to make your princesa feel extra special at her quinceañera is by standing by her side as she finds the perfect ball gown, and then helping her style it to make it her own.