The Perfect Makeup Look for Your Quince Dress Mobile Image

The Perfect Makeup Look for Your Quince Dress

July 20, 2021

While the dress makes your quince look, it's by no means the entire look! You've got to find your crown, shoes, and, of course, have the perfect makeup look so that you're glowing all night. You only turn 15 once, so you want something that will make you feel confident and beautiful at your quinceañera. If you're looking for the perfect makeup look to coordinate with the color of your dress, look no further—check out some of our favorite makeup and dress color combinations to dazzle at your quince: 


Aqua Blue





One of the best things about a bright blue dress is it's fun, youthful look. For this color, we love equally as playful makeup—the pop of blue eyeliner on the waterline makes this makeup stand out perfectly, bringing out the color of your dress and keeping all the attention on your eyes. 







While we could easily go on about the incredible tiara in this look, our favorite part is the subtle hint of purple on the eyes. Still neutral and glamorous, this soft touch brings the perfect hint of purple into your look without going overboard. 


Rose Gold





With a rose gold dress, there's nothing quite like a neutral, all-over glow. This glam, shimmery gold eye and soft pink nude lip pair perfectly with the dress's overall glow, giving you a timeless beauty. 







There's nothing quite as classic as a red lip. If you're already wearing a red dress, why not go bold and pair a matching lip with the dress? We're in love with this slightly edgy red lip paired with this burgundy ball gown. 


Dark Blue





With a darker dress, we love moody looks—and this gorgeous smoky eye is perfect. The subtle, holographic look of the makeup keeps it from getting too dark, making it the perfect smoky-but-not-too-much look for your 15th birthday. 







With a classic, shimmering white dress, pairing a neutral glam look will emphasize your dress's elegance. The floating glitter liner on this eyeshadow look gives it a gorgeous pop of shimmer that will elevate your look to make you feel like a true princesa. 







The soft, girly look of pink is so perfect, why not just stick to an all pink makeup look? This gorgeous monochrome look is fresh and elegant, perfect for girls who love the classic, flirty look of pink. 







Just because you're wearing an edgy black dress doesn't mean your makeup has to be all black! This gorgeous, shimmering purple eye makeup shows you can play with color and still look edgy and cool, just like your dress.