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Sweet Treats to Have at Your Sweet 15

November 03, 2021

One of the best things about your quince is the food! It’s your birthday, so you get to choose exactly what you want. And what’s more important for your birthday dinner than the dessert! Whether you’re opting for an entire dessert table or multiple treats for your quinceañera, we’re sharing some amazing inspo for your planning!

Classic Birthday Cake



Sometimes, the best thing for your quince is just a classic birthday cake. Nothing quite says “it’s my birthday!,” like a cake, so it’s only fitting this is the first dessert you think of! Whether you make it yourself or order one from a professional, a cake is always a crowd pleaser. 




Want something guests can easily grab and go, to get back to the dance floor? Cookies are perfect for something sweet and cute that’s also quick and easy for guests. Plus, you can decorate them to suit your theme like this quince did!

Cake Pops



Love the ease of cookies, but still want the flavor of cake? You’re looking for cake pops! Fun, adorable, and completely delicious, cake pops pack all the flavor of your favorite cake into a smaller, truffle-like dessert. 




For the quinceañera who’s looking for something really out of the box, donuts are perfect. Everyone loves them, but no one will expect them! One of the best things about this option is how easy it is to order a wide range of flavors. This way, everyone can find something for their sweet tooth!




Cupcakes are adorable, and can be decorated to fit your theme perfectly. From the icing color to the flavor and even tiny cupcake toppers, there’s endless options for making cupcakes fit your theme. We love the way this quince set her cupcakes up to look like a tiered cake!



Candy Bar



If you can't decide what to have, set up a candy bar with all your favorite sweets! From classic candies like M&Ms to baked goods, this is a perfect choice. You'll be able to have everything you want, and why shouldn't you on your birthday!