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Quiz: Find Your Perfect Quince Dress

August 25, 2021

Your quinceañera is one of the most important birthdays you’ll ever celebrate, so it’s natural to want to stand out in a bold, unique quinceañera dress to make you glow. If you’re unsure what style you’re going for with your quince dress, we have a perfect quiz to help you find a quince dress to suit your style. 

Which are you most excited about for your quince?


A) The symbolism of becoming a woman! It’s such a big milestone, I’m so excited. 

B) I’m going to have the most unique quince any of my guests have ever seen. 

C) I can’t wait for my dance with my dad. 

D) Dancing the night away with all my friends. 

E) Looking like a princess in my quince dress!

I would describe my personal style as ______.


A) girly but sophisticated. 

B) edgy and cool. 

C) classic and timeless. 

D) fun and unique. 

E) bold yet feminine. 

What’s your favorite movie genre?


A) There’s just something about a good rom com that I’ve always loved. 

B) Anything with suspense—there’s nothing quite like a good thriller. 

C) I’m in love with period piece films!

D) Action movies! Bonus points if there’s a big plot twist (or two). 

E) I love movies that get my imagination going—sci-fi, fantasy, anything out-of-this-world and amazing. 

One makeup item you can’t live without:


A) The more blush, the better. 

B) Definitely eyeliner. 

C) Lipstick!

D) Contour, no question. 

E) Highlighter! I have to have a good glow. 

Pick a dream job!


A) Photographer

B) Surgeon

C) Novelist

D) Beauty influencer

E) Actress

Which of these weekends sound the most fun?


A) My friends and I are having girls night, then I’m spending Saturday on a shopping spree!

B) I’ve got tickets to a soccer game with my friends, then we’re heading out to my favorite restaurant. 

C) Going to the bookstore, then meeting up with my friends for a picnic. 

D) Heading to a huge party Friday night, then a pool day with the girls all day Saturday. 

E) I’m working on a painting on Saturday, and afterwards going on a date to the movies with someone I’ve had a crush on for a few weeks. 

If all your quince wishes came true, and you could have your favorite artist perform at your quince, you’d definitely have:


A) Ariana Grande

B) Miley Cyrus

C) Harry Styles

D) Billie Eilish

E) Lorde

Mostly A’s




If you answered mostly A’s, you’re a girl’s girl, and you’re probably looking for the fun, flirty quince dress of your dreams. This shimmering rose gold is perfect! It’s classic, glittering, and has an intricate, beaded bodice that will shimmer beautifully under the lights at your quince. 

Mostly B’s




With mostly B’s, you’re an edgy girl who wants a traditional quince dress with a bit of an edge. This black and gold dress is perfect. The cape gives it an unexpected detail, while the moody black lets the delicate gold embroidery stand out perfectly. 

Mostly C’s




If you got mostly C’s, you’ll dazzle in a classic, chic quince dress like this one. This cream and red style is timeless, and will make you absolutely gorgeous on your quince. This dress is especially perfect if you’re a girl who doesn’t love a ton of glitter, but rather a subtle hint. 

Mostly D’s




If you got mostly D’s, you’re the kind of girl who can pull off something truly bold and dramatic. This wine-colored, all-over glitter ball gown is perfect. You’ll shine with every movement, glowing with each turn, looking absolutely beautiful on your 15th birthday. 

Mostly E’s




If you answered mostly E’s, you’ll look absolutely stunning in this dreamy, floral, light-up quince dress. Soft yet striking, this floral gown is perfect. The dreamy blue, sheer cape, and flowers combine to create a breathtaking dress, and the lights hidden within add an unforgettable detail to your dress.