Poses You'll Want to Capture in Your Quince Photoshoot Mobile Image

Poses You'll Want to Capture in Your Quince Photoshoot

October 08, 2021

The photoshoot you do in your quinceañera dress is one of the best way to really immortalize your Cinderella moment. You’ll have gorgeous photos of yourself all done up, wearing your quince dress, that you can keep forever. You’ll pull these photos out one day on your daughter or granddaughter’s quince, and look back on them fondly! Not to mention—they make great Instagram content now! If you’re looking for quince photoshoot inspo, look no further. We’re sharing some of our favorite photos from real Princesa quinceañeras!

Classic Pose



You can’t do your photoshoot without at least one simple, classic shot from the front. Your parents will want this one (your mom’s probably already got the frame for it ready), and it’s a great way to capture the way you looked on your quince. Plus, this photo always looks beautiful!

Turned to The Side



This pose is a great way to capture all the details of your quince dress: you’ll capture elements of the back and front in this photo, showing off your dress in all its glory. We love the angle this quinceañera posed at, creating an effortless look, as if she’s turning to laugh at something. 

With Your Friends



While you’re the star of the show, your quince wouldn’t be complete without your Corte de Honor! Grab a fun photo with your damas and chambelanes while you’re all ready. 

With Your Dad



Come on, it’s your quince! It’s a special day for your father, especially if the two of you are close. Take a few photos with your dad—we love this simple pose with dad in front. It lets your dress’s train flow behind, and is a flattering angle for you and your dad. 

From Above



Want a shot that’s truly magical? The view from above will capture your full skirt in all its glory, creating a backdrop that makes you the main focus. Just look at how ethereal and elegant this quinceañera looks in this photo!




You can’t not twirl in a ball gown! This photo is fun, and is sure to catch you mid-laugh for the perfect, carefree candid photo you’re dreaming of. 




Talk about drama! This quinceañera’s seated photo is nothing short of regal. If you’ve got a throne (or just a nice chair) around, take a seat and capture this incredible moment for your photoshoot.