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Fun Themes for Your Quinceañera

December 09, 2021

For the modern quinceañera, often girls choose themes—these both reflect their personality, and make it easier for them to select decorations and colors for the event. If you’re still planning and debating what theme to pick, we’re sharing some of the hottest quince themes this year (with some insider info from gorgeous Princesa quinces themselves!):

Enchanted Forest



Want a truly magical quinceañera? Enchanted forest is the perfect theme to give you a whimsical, unique aesthetic. With plenty of plants and twinkling lights, this theme will ensure you feel like a fairy on your quince. And if you want to take it to the next level, Princesa has gorgeous, twinkling floral ball gowns that fit this theme perfectly. 




If you love vintage-inspired looks or just want a quince that’s timeless, a charro theme is perfect. With traditional Mexican decor, it’s sure to be a theme you and your parents will both love. Plus, you’ll completely glow in a classic dress with gold embroidery. 




The butterfly is the perfect symbol for your quince, representing the change from girlhood to womanhood. Decorating with butterflies isn’t just symbolic, either! Placing butterflies throughout the venue will give the entire space an adorable, feminine look perfect for celebrating your quince. 

Winter Wonderland



Got a winter birthday? Cover your quince in icy blues, shimmering silves, and crisp whites, and make the entire event feel like a winter wonderland. The pale color palette instantly makes the entire celebration look completely chic, giving you an elegance no one will ever forget. 

Happily Ever After



If you’re really looking to commit to the princess look, opting for a fairytale theme is perfect. Why shouldn’t you feel like royalty on your birthday, especially when it’s as important as your quinceañera!